Product Features

1) Imported pumps (Rexroth, Germany), valves (Eaton, USA), and motors (Eaton, USA) are well matched. Superior performance, reliable quality, low noise, low vibration and stable operation. 2) Customized version of the national three high-performance Yuchai engine, suitable for a variety of mining and mining, energy saving and environmental protection.3) XGMA customized version of reinforced drive axle, stable transmission and high reliability. 4) The whole vehicle is equipped with a combination of automotive-grade LED lamps to illuminate the larger world. 5) Independent heat-dissipating air conditioner can achieve rapid cooling and excellent effect.6) The newly upgraded cab adopts ergonomic principles to optimize the overall control layout. 7) XGMA newly developed the upper and lower frame, adopting D-shaped large cross-section side beam structure for higher strength, The stability of the whole machine is better. 8) The all-aluminum multi-function air storage cylinder can realize one-key drainage, inflating and cleaning the car body.9) Reasonable space layout, maintenance is more convenient and quick. 10) Integral casting type rear counterweight, the whole machine is more beautiful and generous, and the operation is more stable and reliable.11) Silent muffler system, with lower noise, more comfortable operation, and more conducive to city and night operations. 12) The layout of the center of gravity of the whole machine is more reasonable, realizing 360-degree stable operation.