• Bucket Capacity: 3.0m³ Operating Weight: 17300kg Rated Power: 162kw

Product Features

High holding capacity and efficiency The improved bucket structure can hold more materials, with optional bucket capacity ranging from 2.2 to 4.5 m3 Short handling circle duration (10 seconds) contributes to high loading/unloading efficiency 3300-mm wheelbase and 175-KN digging force ensure steady holding behavior and serve well heavy-duty conditionsImproved structure ensuring reliability Components come with high reliability thanks to FEM refined engineering ZF dual variable power, XGMA F drive axle (Meritor optional) and large torque transmission shaft bring about smooth gear shifting and reliable transmission With single-row horizontal aluminum heat dissipation system, sectional area of the radiator increased by 23%, leading to good performance in heat dissipationEasy control ensuring safety and comfort Standard pilot control leads to comfort and convenience The hexahedral cab enclosed by explosion-proof glass comes with sound insulation, noise reduction, damping and a broad view at either front or rear sides Easy-to-touch buttons and green interior decoration create a healthy and comfortable environmentMaintenance facilitation Simple and beautiful layout of the pipelines Centralized lubricating spots encourage one-stop maintenance Large-opening hood provides ample room for maintenance Safe handrails mounted on cab roof facilitate climbing for maintenance