• Bucket Capacity: 1.8m³ Operating Weight: 104000kg Rated Power: 92kw

Product Features

Flexible and efficient Small turning radius leads to flexible and efficient operation. Big loading/unloading height contributes to superb handling capability Baffle plate is introduced to refine bucket structure to carry more materials Flexible turning ensures efficiency and energy saving Short handling circle duration (9.9 seconds) contributes to high loading/unloading efficiency.Enhanced holding capacity Enhanced front and rear articulated frames enhance both overload capacity and torsional coefficient. Great digging power and large unloading radius bring about high working efficiency; high-strength bucket comes with exceptional performance in wearing resistance and durability. Four front fixed-axle gearboxes and two rear ones are easy to control and ensure high efficiency in transmission. Enhanced heavy-duty drive axles come with high carrying capacity and can serve various unfavorable conditions. Enhanced exposed brake calipers are easy to maintain.Comfortable and reliable The damping cab is sound proof, thermal insulated and flame retardant. 3C green and safe glass ensures a broad view. XGMA's patented detachable dust resistant and waterproof gaskets can protect pins and shafts more thoughtfully, easy to maintain, fully preventing oil dropping and leakage. Vehicle-purpose AVSS wiring harness and electrical system are waterproof and reliable. Robust dynamic, low oil consumption and less noise ensure excellent comfort in operation.