• Operating Weight: 16.8t Rated Power: 162kw Bucket Capacity: 2.2-3.6m3

Product Features

1.High Reliability Upgraded & enhanced front & back frames Reinforced counterweight Fully optimized layout of pipes Waterproof connectors Improved painting process 2.High Efficiency and Energy Conservation Patented dual-pump confluence and diffluence technology Standard models provide the highest dumping height Small turning radius Green, turbocharged, intercooled engine 3.Safety Complete safety signs Optional ROPS/FOPS cab Flame retardant materials and EU-certified glass are used in the cab, offering higher safety4.Comfortable Operation Ergonomic design for more comfortable operation Large space in the H-series cab The low-noise and shock-absorbing cab Electronic oil level indicator comes as standard Optional models with adjustable directions 5.Convenient Maintenance Leading-out grease fitting is convenient for lubrication The brake caliper is exposed to facilitate servicing Central electrical control box for easier servicing Wide-opening hood for easier servicing & maintenance of engine Convertible fuel tank Optimized servicing marks 6.Multifunctional Standard bucket Rock bucket Enlarged bucket Flat sand bucket Log grapple(single clamping arm) Log grapple(double clamping arm) Grass grapple Snow blade Side dump bucket Quick coupling bucket Quick coupling 4-in-1 bucket Quick coupling log grapple Quick coupling forkQuick Coupling: multifunctional, efficient and reliable 1.Full hydraulic quick coupling device system 2.Hydraulic quick change of various working attachments 3.Quick coupling working attachments have full coverage of a variety of workplaces Super Long Arm: 1.boom: FEM optimized design of the super long boom and its rated mechanism,with the dumping height reaching 3.8m. 2.Cab: The new luxury cab with large space greatly increases the cab’s field of vision,and the ergonomic design offers comfortable environment for the driver. 3.Counterweight: The new enhanced counterweight can increase the breakout force and make the overall performance more stable. 4.Bucket: The large and wearable bucket of 2.5 m3with three-segment auxiliary cutting eage is quite suitable for the agricultural use.