• Bucket Capacity: 3m³ Operating Weight: 17300kg Rated Power: 162kw

Product Features

XG956N wheel loader, great master in multi-operating conditions! Efficient loading, reliable performance, user-friendly operation, easy maintenance! Craftsmanship Spirit, refreshed upgrade!I. Efficient loading 1. Small turning radius, flexible operating. 2、A short operation cycle time and a high loading efficiency with total lifting-loading-descending time of 10 seconds. 3、Optimized bucket structure, ensuring a high full-loading rate; guide plate added to prevent the materials from spilling and damaging the pin shaft, cab and other components. 4、Discharge height of 3167mm, making it superior to similar models and ensuring a wide loading range. 5、Strong excavation capacity with breakout force of 175KN, meeting heavy duty working conditions.II. Reliable performance 1、The structural platform adopts an FEM optimization design, and has passed a long-term test, making its reliability improved significantly. The front frame with four-plate structure and the rear frame with box-type V-shaped structure ensure high strength and rigidity. Reinforced working device is adopted to improve loading capacity. 2、XGMA’s upgraded 2000 r/min transmission, F-type heavy-duty drive axle and large-torque transmission shaft, realizing an efficient and durable transmission system. 3、The Single-row horizontal aluminum cooling system with the radiator’s sectional area enlarged by 23%, which brings a better heat dissipation, easy maintenance and great adaptability for severe working conditions. 4、The layout of the pipelines is neat and beautiful that the abrasion can be effectively avoided in operation. 5、The multi-function independent instrument makes it more accurate in indicating and more stable in performance. 6、Booster pumps in separate arrangement, making it safe to use and easy to maintain.III. User-friendly operation 1、The Hexahedral cab with explosion-proof glass brings larger space and wider vision, which is easy to check the loading condition of the bucket and reduce blind spots in operation. The high-position rear working lights provide clearer vision at night. 2、The newly upgraded sound-insulation and noise-reduced cab, enlarged operation space, and accessible control buttons improve the comfort of operation environment. The front storing space and rear multi-layer storing space provide larger room for personal belongings and on-board accessories. The fresh air ventilation air conditioner with humanized air outlet design is not only easy for maintenance but also healthy and comfortable for driving operation. 3、The user-friendly design access, the ladder with handrails and double-footed pedal width are convenient for the operator to get on and off safely. Striking warning signs and reflective markings/slats make driving safer.IV. Easy maintenance 1、The centralized arrangement of lubrication points makes the one-stop maintenance convenient and effortless. 2、The water drain of air tank is introduced outwards, which is convenient for operation. The external air pipe could be connected to the water drain valve, which can help the maintenance of filter element cleaning, radiator cleaning and tire pumping. 3、The visible inspection and maintenance window and reversible platform cover plate are designed with a reasonable layout. The engine cover with large opening doors at both sides is easy for maintenance and operation. 4、The central electric control box with built-in diagnostic function and the centralized electronic monitoring and diagnosis system make the detection and repair intuitive and convenient.