Electric Pallet Stacker E Series 2-4Ton

Electric Pallet Stacker E Series 2-4Ton

  • Rated Load: 2000-4000kg Load Center Distance: 600mm

Product Features

1.American imported CURTIS control system enables the machine to perform flexibly under various working conditions, and makes the machine the best efficiency of energy utilization. 2.When the machine is turning direction, the bent-way control technology will lower the travel speed automatically to greatly eliminate the possibility of side rolling because of the high turning speed. 3.Three sets of independent brake system improves the machine safety. 4.The multi-functional handle meets ergonomics, it is easy and comfortable to operate. 5.The reliable tandem type loading has stronger bearing capacity. 6.The specific vertical driving prevents the machine from dust, moisture erosion. It has better cooling performance which is good for long-hour working.


Description Unit XG520T-W01TE XG530T-W01TE XG540T-W01TE
Power type   Electric
Operation mode   Stand-on
Rated load kg 2000 3000 4000
Load center distance mm 600
Tire type   PU
Tire spec.front   φ80×70 φ80×110
Tire spec.rear   φ215×75
Tire spec.Universal wheel   φ100×40 φ150×50
Number of tires front/rear(X=driving)   4/1X+2
Max.handel height mm 1330
Amount of Max.lifting height mm 120
Min.ground clearance mm 85
Total length pedal unfolded/extracted mm 2310/1907 2405/2002  
Wheel base mm 1468 1550 1495
Mast spec. mm 1150/175/75 1150/205/75
Total width mm 730 850
Fork distance(outside) mm 685
Fork distance(inside) mm 335 275
Wheel track front/rear mm 510/500 510/618 480/618
Pedal width mm 547
Turning radius radal unfolded/retracted mm 2157/1762 2240/1845 2185/1790
Passage width(800×1200pallet) mm 2812/2417 2895/2500 2870/2475
Passage width(1000×1200pallet) mm 2902/2507 2985/2590 2955/2560
Grade ability full/no load % 6/10 3/8
Drive motor type   AC DC AC 
Power of drive motor kw 1.5 2.8
Lifting motor type   DC
Power of lifting motor kw 2.2 2
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 24/210 24/280
Battery weight kg 200 250
Dead weight(with battery) kg 630 640 660
Steering type   Mechanical
Brake type   Electro-magnetic
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