Full-Face TBM

Full-Face TBM

  • Full-Face TBM

Product Features

Xiamen XiaMen XGMA crec heavymachinery co.,LTD Mainly engaged in tunnel boring machines(standard shield,small shield,shaped shield) and research and development of core components,design and manufacturing and technical services business, shield and annual capacity of 30 sets. XGMA workers in relying on its own resources and strengths iron do fine,and stronger tunneling machinery,efforts to expand the Southeast and overseas markets,to build China’s southeast coast of the largest tunnel boring machine manufacturing base.Xiamen subway line length of 30.3 kilometers, geology hard plastic residual sandy clay, completely decomposed granite,sand,coarse sand,gravel sand,weathered granite-like dispersion layer,which uses all 11 sets Shield machine by building workers in the iron company. China Railway No.001 building workers on April 28,2014 off the assembly line.April 10, 2015,China Railway No.006 building workers realized the first section through the shield.




Hard Rock TBM Griper TBM
Single Shield TBM
Double Shield TBM
Inclined Shaft TBM,Coal Lane TBM
Tunnel Enlarging Machine(or Reaming TBM)
Shaft TBM
Earth Pressure Balance(EPB) TBM
Mix-type TBM
Slurry TBM
Dual Mode TBM
Rectangular Shield
Pipe Jacking Machine