• Operating Weight: 25.5t Rated Power: 132/2150kw/rpm Bucket Capacity: 1.2m3

Product Features

1.Higher fuel efficiency Powered by the high-quality Isuzu turbocharged & intercooled engine, which is a fuel-efficient low-emission engine. The perfect combination between the energy efficient hydraulic system and the fuel efficient Isuzu engine helps to further increase fuel efficiency. The mature & reliable negative flow feedback system matches perfectly with XGMA’s ESS, to make precise coordination possible under multiple operating modes, and to make the machine more energy efficient. 2.More efficient The multi-port valve has been improved for a number of times, to increase the bucket’s converged flow and its operating efficiency during excavation. A new power controller is used to add the dynamic matching & adjusting feature under the S mode. As a result, the engine’s speed under the S mode is increased by 100rpm, and the operating efficiency is increased by 8%. 3.More reliable The swing motor’s strength is improved, to increase the lifespan of the assembly by up to 2.7 times; The new toolbox with a square-shaped structure is added with a new handrail fixed through a three-point structure, stable and reliable; The injection-molded operating box has a high strength, elegant and beautiful. High-quality electric elements are used throughout the machine, including the top grade instruments with a color screen, to improve their performance, and to extend their service life. 4.More powerful Main stressed parts including the boom, the stick and the bucket are built by welding the new, high-strength steel parts together, to increase the strength of the work equipment, and to increase their service life by more than 30%. e durable & solid chassis, the strengthened idler, the “four wheels & one track” from leading brands, and the extended & widened lower part of the machine all help to make the entire machine more powerful and more stable during excavation. (XG825EL)The drawbar pull during travel is increased to 202KN or by 5%, (XG836EL)The drawbar pull during travel is up to 270KN or increased by 8%, and both the gradeability and the passability are dramatically increased. Materials with high tenacity and high hardness are used, so that the bucket teeth are more wear-proof and have a longer service life. 5.More stable The battery relay, the throttle motor and other parts are products of leading international brands, to provide a more stable & reliable performance, and to dramatically reduce the failure rate. The throttle potentiometer is added with the gear fixing function, to eliminate the erratic movement in the clearance, and to increase stability and reliability. The quality of the spring within the pressure switch is improved, to avoid the drift of the opening point, and to make the operation more accurate and reliable. 6.More comfortable The operator cab’s interior and the operation box are built with the injection molded parts, firm, reliable and elegant. The automatic A/C system for both cooling and heating, the ergonomically designed spacious & comfortable operator cab, and the silicone oil shock absorber make the operation comfortable and enjoyable. A low-noise main pump is used, to make the sound softer and the environment more comfortable.