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Grasp the Nettle, XGMA to Help the Development of the Middle East ——After Seven Years, you are still my best choice

    At the end of 2019, the COVID-19 outbreak suddenly struck the worldIn an era of increasingly close international cooperation, no country can stay immuneForeign trade business was suddenly pressed the pause button, stagnated, the vast majority of foreign trade business personnel can only be in the domestic or foreign resident, unable to conduct business.

Overseas business of XGMA International Trade Co., Ltd also suffers tremendous impact likewisewe are faced with very severe tests and challengesbut challenges and opportunities exist side by side. The more difficult it is, the more we need to be brave in innovationgrasp the nettleto find development opportunities

In order to adapt to the current industry competitive environment and the needs of international customersXGMA constantly improve and upgrade wheel loaders, bulldozers, motor graders, excavators and other productshelp XGMA International Trade Co., Ltd to expand its business in the Middle East and Gulf region where the demand for large equipment is high.

                                                                                                           XGMA in the Middle East market sales of large tonnage Wheel Loader/Bulldozer/Motor Grader

In the second half of 2020, under the support of the company's management and the correct strategic planning,Through the joint efforts of all the staff in the Middle East and Africa region, the Middle East and Africa region has obtained the contract of bulk ordersIn addition to 30 million yuan of orders sent to the Africa  in June, 10 million yuan of orders for comprehensive machinery and equipment were sent to Middle East in August to help the Gulf Oil and Gas Exploration and Engineering Company's infrastructure construction and project development

The cooperation with this customer began in 2013affected by the COVID-19the visit planned for January 2020 has been cancelled, however XGMA has won the trust and support of customers with its superior product performance, reasonable price and excellent service, Through the continuous communication between the sales team and customers, the contract was successfully signed in May 2020. The customer told us, 7 years later, you are still my best choice

Final inspection before delivery to customer

Final inspection before delivery to customer

                                                                                                                            Final inspection before delivery to customer

        The Construction machinery market in the Middle East is generally depressed due to the impact of oil prices and COVID-19demand is lower than beforehowever, XGMA maintains a high market share by offering competitive mature products and customized integrated service solutions. To contribute to the construction of the Gulf region in the Middle East